is a web address that is used for logging into the net interface of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers. it is the link provided by Linksys to its customers to access and configure the fundamental and advanced features and a network of their routers. By the usage of, the user can safely log in to their Linksys router and moreover can access their router whilst away from residence too. This website link allows customers to personalize their network, test the connection status, install a guest network and even prioritize devices according to the bandwidth to prevent lags or buffering in any distinct device. Linksys routers login can also be accessed through the default IP

Linksys Default Login

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Linksys Router Setup

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Linksys Router Login

Logging into the Linksys router requires extensive knowledge. You must know The IP address or the default web address for login. Only then can you continue. If you want Change security settings, change network details like name and more. You will need to log into the Linksys router’s login page. Also for your router The firmware is continuously updated, access required. When you are in a situation where You cannot access the Linksys router’s login page. Our website has it all Learn how to proceed with the sign up process and access the Linksys online resources Management wizard. Setup

Setting up a Linksys device takes approximately 10 minutes. Connect your Linksys Smart WiFi to your existing cable modem using the Ethernet cable. Use the RJ45 Ethernet cable and pair the two devices. Next, go to the setup page to set up your Linksys Smart WiFi connection.

You do not need to insert the installation CD that came with your device to configure the Linksys Wi-Fi Router. All you have to do is go to with a web browser on your device and authenticate the authentication process. After establishing a connection to the device, the Internet connection is detected manually or automatically and the WLAN settings are configured. This completes the setup of the Linksys router without any problems.

Linksys Router Setup Issues

If you are unable to configure the Linksys router, you should run the Linksys router troubleshooting task immediately. Before troubleshooting the router, make sure to restart the Linksys WiFi router. After restarting the device, make sure it is connected to the existing modem with an Ethernet cable. The Ethernet cable must be the RJ45 cable.

Can't Connect To The Linksys Smart Wi-Fi

Don’t worry if you can’t connect to Linksys Smart Wifi. You can try to connect to the device as soon as you restart it. After the device restarts, switch to your laptop or PC and launch Google Chrome. Make sure that your web browser is up to date and that your operating system is also up to date. Go to the login page and enter your device login details. After entering the details, click Connect. Just connect to your device.

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Setup Using The Smart Setup Wizard

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi login Router set-up is quite easy through the Smart Setup Wizard. The smart setup Wizard comes embedded in the router’s firmware and is available even when the router does not have an Internet connection or is in its default settings. The Smart Setup Wizard is supported by all the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers.

Requirements Before Your Linksys Router Setup:

  • Any web browser e.g. chrome, safari, internet explorer etc.
  • Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router
  • Ethernet cables for connections
  • A Wi-Fi supporting computer or a computer with an Ethernet port
  • Active internet connection.

Steps For Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Setup Using Smart Setup Wizard:

  • Connect the antennas to the router and also connect the power source.
  • Connect your computer, modem and the Internet port of the router via Ethernet cables.
  • Open a web browser on your computer and enter “” on the URL bar. The website will recognize your domain name and take you to a link to the Linksys login page. You can also use the default IP address to connect to the Linksys Smart WIFI website.

Points to remember:

  1. If the Smart Setup Wizard screen does not appear, press the reset button on the back of the router for about 10 seconds, and then turn the router off and on for a few minutes. Wait a few seconds for the router to reboot and start up.
  2. If no Internet connection is found, and “The Internet cable is not connected properly’ window appear. To resolve the connection issue, you must follow the on-screen troubleshooting process.
  • If you want to configure the router Manually instead of the Smart Setup Wizard, you can follow it by clicking on the Manual Configuration link at the bottom.
  • After that, For DSL users, the setup will prompt you for the Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) Account username and Password, and you must enter the required information and then click Next to continue.
  • Go online with your computer and change the wireless settings by just following the on-screen instructions. Enter your wireless Network Name as well as Network Password is the provided fields and then click on Next.
  • Enter the password for your router when asked, and click on Next.

QUICK TIP: if your Linksys router displays an “Add a password hint” option, you can type your preferred hint in the required field.  This will help you to remember your password in future.

  • The message “Your router is configured” appears, indicating that your Linksys router is currently configured. Your new Wi-Fi settings will be displayed, along with your password manager password. Remember to write and copy the new settings in the Quick Start Guide for future comparisons. Click Next to complete all settings.
  • You will be redirected to the Create Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account page for Remote Access purpose.
  • And hence, you have successfully setup your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router using the Smart Set-up Wizard.
Benefits of using Smart Setup:

  • No additional software download or software CD is required.
  • The smart setup allows direct access to the web-based setup page of the Linksys router from where user can directly setup and configure their router according to their need.

How do you setup and Accessing your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Via Local/Remote Access.

Once the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router setup is accomplished, you can easily access it from anywhere, where an internet connection is available through a Linksys cloud account.

While using Linksys cloud account, it is important to update the firmware of your router to avoid issues related to access the router. Linksys Smart Wi-Fi can be accessed in two ways i.e. via Local access and via Remote access.


  • Open any web browser and enter the default IP address or on the URL bar and then press Enter. Now you will be navigated to login page.
  • Enter your Linksys Router’s username and Password, and then click on Login button.
  • After login, Linksys Smart Wi-Fi home page appears from where you can access and configure under the Smart Wi-Fi Tools and Router Settings.


  • Open any web browser and enter on the URL bar.
  • You can login remotely by using your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account by clicking on the link provided at the bottom.

    NOTE:  you should ensure that you are connected to the Wi-Fi before visiting the web address.

  • Enter your Email Address and Password credentials in the required fields provided, and then click on the Login button.
  • The Linksys Smart Wi-Fi home page appears through which you can access and configure the settings of your Linksys router.

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Reset

When you have lost or forgotten your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router’s password or you wish to reboot or power cycle your router in order to reset it to factory defaults, you can reset the router by following the steps below:

The rest can be done in two ways:

RESET manually via the reset button:

  • Try to locate the reset button which is located at the back panel of your Linksys router.
  • Then, Press and hold the reset button for about 7-10 seconds with the help of a pin or a paper clip. After release the router will start rebooting, let the router reboot itself.
  • When you see that the power light has become stable that means that the router has finished rebooting.

RESET via web-based setup page:

  • Login to the Linksys router through from the web browser.
  • Go to the “Menu” and click on the Administration tab >> Factory Default >> Click on the “Restore factory default” option.
  • You will see that the LED lights start flashing and when the power LED light turns stable after few seconds indicating that the router has finished resetting.

Note that the reset process should not be interrupted as it can corrupt the router and can even leave it unusable.